Margarita Robles pays tribute to the work of the Legion during her visit to King Alfonso XIII. Brigade-Noticias

Defense Minister Margarita Robles has the Legion Brigade (BRILEG) in her base Álvarez de Sotomayor ?? paid a visit. de Viator, Almería, on the occasion of the 100th birthday of La Legión and has paid tribute to all fallen legionnaires. The Defense Minister would also like to thank you for the day-to-day work inside and outside Spain and especially in this special year of the pandemic. Robles has updated the armed forces’ vaccination dates, which are already reaching 55,000 soldiers, and this week it is expected to be 70,000, 60 percent. The minister praised the legionnaires’ work both in missions and in Lebanon, where it was so long and complicated. or ?? while ?? Balmis ?? and ?? Bastion ?? and always with this closeness to the citizens ??.

“The Legion has a 100-year history, but it has a gift that we are very satisfied with. You are an example in Europe,” said the minister about her interventions in favor of peace, freedom and the values ​​that the European Union holds represents. It also foretold a bright future for their preparation, efficiency and commitment to the people, along with what is so important, the Legionnaires’ Creed and values, love for Spain. On his arrival, Robles was received by the commanding general of the “Rey Alfonso XIII” brigade, Marcos Llago, who left the command of BRILEG at the end of the three-year stay. In 2020, Llago was also in command of the Libre Hidalgo Mission in Lebanon. Are you very proud and satisfied, in general, of what you have achieved? Robles told him so after expressing appreciation and gratitude for what he means to the Legion and the Army.

During the event, the Minister led a parade of units and opened a pentathlon track for personnel to compete in the next World Military Championships in Sweden in August. VALUE A HUNDRED YEARS The Spanish Legion was founded 100 years ago as a group of national and foreign volunteers. It is an avant-garde with a novel organization and a special character and style that it has retained to this day.

Since its inception, and especially since the Spanish armed forces began deploying abroad, it has contributed significantly to the reputation of the Spanish armed forces in its commitment to the international community. In 1992 it was the first unit to be deployed abroad under the flag of the United Nations. Since then she has specialized in stabilization missions in crisis areas, including for NATO and the European Union. In 1995 the Legion Brigade (BRILEG) was born, which opened missions in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq, Congo and Lebanon and also participated in Afghanistan and Mali. In December 2020 he returned from his last assignment at EUTM Mali. BRILEG currently has units capable of conducting all types of operations, from supporting civil authorities in peacetime to general, high-intensity fighting. Likewise, it was designated as the experimental unit for the 2035 Brigade design.

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