Maduro to his military: clean cannons in case Duque dares to violate Venezuelan soil?

The Venezuelan President’s statements respond to the announcement by Iván Duque, President of Colombia, to create a special elite commando, launched on February 26th, to fight Colombian guerrillas, dissidents of the FARC, ELN, drug traffickers who, according to Duque, they would be refugees in Venezuela.

I have told the armed forces to respond vigorously to Iván Duque’s reckless statements about Venezuela, to answer them verbally and to clean the barrels of our rifles to answer them on the plane so that we can answer them if Iván Duque dares to hurt the Sovereignty of Venezuela? Said Maduro in a press conference with international journalists.

?? If Iván Duque dares to touch a millimeter of Venezuelan territory, don’t go crazy, Iván Duque! Know your limits and respect Venezuela. It’s hate, an obsession he has towards Venezuela, taking care of his border and protecting the lives of Colombians, stop conspiring, break up the mercenary camps you have in Colombia to be in your crazy dreams in Venezuela to penetrate, disband the five camps, stop conspiring to murder me and assassinate leaders of our revolution? said Maduro.

Maduro stressed that his government has always “dismantled all Colombian plans against Venezuela before they are carried out”. Hopefully one day there will be an independent investigation of Iván Duque in Colombia and the involvement of the military, police and intelligence services to invade Venezuela and cause damage.

On February 6, Colombian magazine Semana published some photos of alleged leaders of FARC dissidence being seen armed while apparently in Venezuela, which Maduro called “false positives” at the time.

He said this Wednesday from the Presidential Palace in Miraflores in the heart of the Venezuelan capital that Colombia’s announcements to create special commands have always failed. Why did they fail? Because drug trafficking rules in Colombia, is it the truth, they wanted to harm Venezuela, not make a mistake, Duque, we are a people of peace, but also a warrior?

Maduro stressed that Iván Duque’s accusation is a repetition that is not believed in either Colombia or the world. It is a repetition, so I qualify it, that tried a week ago to divert the Colombian public opinion from the serious problems that are facing the pandemic, economic, social, the massacres, murders of social leaders, human rights defenders, ex-combatants FARC gives Duque nothing about the daily massacre of Colombians throughout the state territory, Duque turned the state of Colombia into a failed state.

In his opinion on the situation on the border, Maduro argued that during the 70 years that he considered the armed conflict in Colombia to be ongoing, the guerrilla parties of Colombia (…) 1950 groups of different ideological characters, they raved about one of the Colombian government abandoned border, I could say that 70 years of war by Iván Duque with his repetition of Venezuela will not be declared (…) The war in Colombia is the war in Colombia, not Venezuela ??.

?? They go to the Colombian side and there are no authorities on the border, there are no military, no police, they have long handed the border over to paramilitary mafias, smugglers, drug traffickers, and it is on this border that the Colombian guerrillas remain, the remnants of the Colombian guerrillas? said the head of state.

There are no full details about Duque’s decision. On February 8, he assured that “in Venezuela many of them (Colombian guerrillas) are protected because the Sun Cartel is standing next to Nicolás Maduro and conducting drug trafficking operations,” he said in his intervention.

During the announcement, Duque made no mention of any direct or covert actions on Venezuelan territory. Venezuela broke off relations with Colombia in February 2019 after the Colombian president recognized the Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaidó as interim president of that country. Since then, the exchange of signals between Caracas and Bogotá has been high voltage.

In addition, Guaidó spoke to Duque this Monday, highlighting the creation of a special command against drug trafficking and cross-border threats. as another demonstration of the commitment of the Colombian government to fight the scourge and the leaders of narcoterrorism hidden in Venezuela and allegedly protected by Maduro. (Thiany Rodríguez, Caracas)

Photo: Dissidents, ELN and drug trafficking gangs of paramilitary origin are currently fighting over the export routes for cocaine, the revenues from illegal mining and extortion in Colombia, which, according to the media, is going through the worst wave of violence since the disarmament of the Colombians.

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