Kopter attacked by LockBit ramsomware

The Swiss Kopter factory, recently acquired by Leonardo, was attacked by the LockBit ransomware, whose internal network was compromised and its files were encrypted.

In April 2020, Leonardo acquired the SH90, Kopter, worth 185 million euros, with a view to the helicopter that the Swiss company was developing at the time. This helicopter offers Italians an opportunity to boost the civil single engine market by offering a new, competitive and attractive platform that complements the AW119.

This operation was unusual for Leonardo, who has previously designed his own helicopters, previously under the Agusta Westeland brand, which retired before the company changed its name from Finmeccanica to Leonardo in 2016.

After Kopter refused to interact with hackers, they posted several company files on the internet on Friday, particularly on a blog hosted on the dark internet and operated by the LockBit ransomware gang. These files contain business documents, internal projects, and various aerospace and defense industry standards.

ZDNet explained: In an email, LockBit ransomware operators told ZDNet that they had breached Kopter’s network last week by exploiting a VPN device that uses a weak password and for which no two-factor Authentication (2FA) was activated.

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