Joint production of the MiG-35 fighter if it wins the tender for 114 fighter-bombers for the Indian Air Force

The Russian Federation continues to be an important supplier to India in the field of defense technology. According to Vladimir Drozhzhov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation with Foreign States (FSVTS), who announced various details of this defense cooperation during and after Aeroindia, the total number of signed contracts amounts to 14 billion US dollars. 2021 exhibition in Bangalore. According to him, Russia and India are ready to reactivate the joint program for the future FGFA (Fifth Generation Future Aircraft), based on the Su-57E fighter aircraft, with all the documents in preparation for signature, he said.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was also determined to be ready for the licensed production of the possible replacement for the Indian Air Force’s old Antonov An-24/26 with the also Ilyushin Il-112V turboprop. Another preliminary agreement was reached on the joint production of the MiG-35 fighter aircraft if the Russian aircraft wins the future tender for 114 fighter-bombers. HAL has extensive experience of joint manufacturing with Russia, including the Sukhoi Su-30MKI multipurpose air superiority fighter, which is now the core of the Indian Air Force’s power. Meanwhile, Mr. Drozhzhov confirmed the agreement on the urgent purchase of 21 MiG-29s and 12 Su-30MKIs.

It also confirmed the urgent sale of 21 MiG-29 and 12 Su-30MKI and that the first regiment equipped with the S-400 Triumph long-range air defense system will install it by the end of this year, and Indian personnel are already in it Train Russia. The contract has a term of $ 5.43 billion and includes five regiments scheduled to enter into by the end of 2024. India’s main trading partner for defense equipment is Russian state mediator Rosoboronexport, who signs contracts on behalf of your country’s defense industry. We carry out joint projects for all armed forces with a cooperation between companies from both countries that is unique for the world market, said the managing director of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev (Yury Laskin, correspondent of Grupo Edefa in Moscow)

Photo: The Sukhoi Su-57 (UAC photo).

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