ITPS Canada signs agreement with South Korean company to supply FA-50 jets for tactical training

KAI FA-50- Photo: KAI

ITPS Canada Ltd (International School for Test Pilots) signed a memorandum with Korean Aerospace Industries to promote the KAI FA-50 for tactical and adversary training.

ITPS has been a leading provider of tactical training since 2001. The International Tactical Training Center (ITTC) is the only commercial facility offering advanced training for fighter pilots, including combat weapon instructor courses, advanced tactical courses, and mission commander courses for international clients.

The ITTC is currently offering initial combat training (FLIT) to the Royal Malaysian Air Force in London, Ontario. ITTC operates a fleet of Aero Vodochody L-39s with updated avionics for the FLIT program.

“The KAI FA-50 is a great airplane!” says the President of the International School (ITPS), Giorgio Clementi.

“The aircraft’s performance, flight quality and operational capabilities make it an ideal platform for tactical and enemy training missions and an excellent solution for ITPS to replace our L-39 fleet. A new aircraft that is supported by the manufacturer and has the appropriate technical and logistical support ensures reliable and economical operation in the future. The FA-50 is a winner and we are very excited to be working with KAI! “Closes Giogio.

Source: ITPS

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