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Entrol is a manufacturer founded in 2005 and supported by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for trainers and flight simulators FNPT (trainer for flight and navigation procedures), FTD (Flight Trainer Device) and AATD (Advanced Aviation Training) has been certified device). It has a portfolio of 20 systems, 70 of which were sold worldwide and 30 employees. We interviewed its CEO, Luis Olarte.

A / L92: Do you see increased demand for airplane or helicopter simulators?

Luis Olarte: He’s very balanced. In the early years we sold more helicopter simulators because we could develop very specific configurations that weren’t on the market. We currently sell a lot of aircraft simulators thanks to our efforts in this segment since 2017 when we launched the en-1000.

A / L92: Which simulators are included in your portfolio and what added value do the simulation systems offered by Entrol offer?

LO: In the fixed wing we have designed the FNPT simulators en-1000, en-4000 and A32 in such a way that the ATO (Approved Training Organization) can improve the training of its pilots and optimize their operating costs. In helicopters and general aviation, we have special models of the H135, AT-802F, Bell 505, Piaggio P.180, etc. for the initial and recurring training of these aircraft. Our added value is quality and customer service.

A / L92: Is Entrol development the technology built into the simulators?

LO: Yes, everything is developed using 100 percent Entrol technology. It has been one of our pillars since we started in 2005 and enables us to adapt to the needs of our customers and to be able to maintain the simulators over the long term.

A / L92: What can you tell us about the possibilities of developing custom equipment or even reconfiguring a cabin?

LO: By developing the simulators with our own technology, we can customize each cabin and recreate the aircraft that our customers operate. For the en-1000 and en-4000, we designed them based on customer feedback. They are reconfigurable FNPT simulators and cover the different training phases, from IR-SE (Instrument Rating-Single Engine) to APS MCC (Airline Pilot Standards – Multi Crew Co-operation) in the same cabin.

A / L92: You recently sold an A11 / B350GT FTD Level 5 to the Colombian Air Force and another H135 FTD Level 5 to Safey Flight in Brazil, the first in that country. What does Latin America mean for Entrol?

LO: It’s a very important market for us. We already had the Argentine Naval Prefecture and the Chilean Air Force among our customers, and these two new simulators will increase our presence on the continent. The fact that we share the same language and Latin culture makes communication with our customers very fluid.

A / L92: You have been in the US for months and have an office in Miami. What expansion plans do you have internationally?

LO: We put a lot of emphasis on the US market. Last year we certified our first Level 5 FTD there. This gave us a very good understanding of FAA regulations and the needs of schools in this country. The aim is to further strengthen our presence in the USA over the next few years.

A / L92: Where do you think the new technologies are showing in the field of simulation?

LO: Technologies like VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) will gain in importance in the coming years thanks to advances in this area and future changes in EASA regulations that make the use of this type of devices more flexible.

Our added value is quality and customer service

Everything is developed with 100 percent Entrol technology

Photo: The CEO of Entrol, Luis Olarte.

The H11 FTD3 helicopter simulator.

En-1000 simulator.

The en-4000 device.

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