Impressive Facebook leak reveals a lot of sensitive user data

Social networks are one of the most successful tools that humans have invented since the advent of personal computers. A social network is a website on which each individual has their own profile and identifies themselves by sharing articles, photos, texts and links.

Man is a social being, and arithmetic has given him the strength to connect with the people he values ​​most like he has never been able to do before. Social networks in general have many advantages, but the problem arises when we talk about the data they contain.

The normal thing is that when a person registers on a social network, they enter a range of data that is more or less private. Examples are phone number, age

The sensitivity of this data causes us to protect it at all costs, and for certain people we connect to on the network to know about it. This requires that the network is well designed and that everything related to information security is closely monitored and has minimal or no impact.

Security problems are everywhere and when it is in the realm of the Internet, even more so. Phishing allows us to keep control of our account and give an attacker access not only to our information, but also to our voice on this social network. For example, another major problem is massive data loss from the users that make up the social network, and this is the case with the famous social network Facebook.

The case of Facebook has become infamous because that same social network is one of the largest on the internet. It has distributed millions of users around the world whose various personal details are associated with their profiles.

In January 2021, it was announced that there was a massive leak of Facebook data, but it wasn’t until April 2021 that this data appeared on the internet and can be viewed.

The compromised data includes millions of profiles from millions of different countries. The information is telephone numbers that are linked to a first and last name, the person’s gender, their marital status, their place of residence and their place of work. A lot of sensitive data is visible to everyone

This is an unprecedented fact that violates general data protection regulations and even further threatens the privacy of many people.

Leaks can only be prevented if the safety officers of the various social networks are qualified and carry out their work with the highest level of performance and the greatest possible awareness. (Efrn Varn, DLTCode)

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