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The new joint NATO force to facilitate strategic transport and resupply capabilities has just taken two important steps: bringing in a medical team to reach MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) capacity as soon as possible, and receiving a new A330 after that Changeover to this military variant.

From Getafe (Madrid) of the multinational Airbus Defense & Space (DS) it went on April 1st to Eindhoven (Netherlands), the fourth of the nine A330MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport) joint NATO fleet that it will have in Will be operational in 2024.

With this delivery, the company Airbus DS is taking a further step with what was agreed with the multinational MRTT fleet or the MMF fleet (Multinational MRTT Fleet) and currently from six European NATO countries (Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Norway) and the Czech Republic.) For shared use. Although the headquarters of the multinational MRTT fleet is in Eindhoven, four of the aircraft will be based on the so-called FOB (Forward Operating Base) at Cologne-Bonn Airport (Germany), from where the long-distance transport fleet has operated for decades. Scope of the German Air Force, which began renovating with the arrival of the third MRTT.

This fourth aircraft (build number 1945), which, like the rest of the fleet, was delivered to MMF, bears the markings and military registration T-057 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force or RNLAF (Royal Nederland Air Force) and the military registration T- 057 carried the Spanish MRTT70 and the callsign MMF70 during its test and acceptance flights.

The procurement operation, the last delivery of which ends in 2024/25, is managed by the NATO Support and Procurement Organization (NATO Support and Procurement Organization), which also cares about its sustainability during its life cycle. At the same time, the money market fund employees are in the middle of training, with a view to autumn 2022, when the initial operating capacity or IOC (Initial Operating Capabilty) is expected to be reached. Later, in the summer of 2024, it will be fully functional or, in NATO terminology, the FOC (Full Operating Capability).

The steps to reach the IOC in the MEDEVAC area are more advanced. At the end of March, a core of medical personnel from the Air Force or the BMVg’s flight readiness came to the Force headquarters in Cologne to train on the new platform. In the third MRTT received, the redesign for this role has already been completed at the Colonia Air Force Base, which includes a MEDEVAC kit consisting of 16 medical stretchers and up to six intensive care units (ICU). Efforts are now focused on training and certification to ensure MMF states have MEDEVAC capabilities by early summer.

The creation of the Money Market Fund, which commissioned nine MRTTs, is one of the most important joint programs in the European defense pool regime in an area such as aerial refueling, which is increasingly in demand for military air operations. (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: MMF’s fourth Airbus DS A330 MRTT upon arrival in Eindhoven. (MMF photo)

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