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Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has announced final assembly of its 5th generation fighter prototype, the KF-X. The KF-X. The program developed jointly by South Korea and Indonesia is aimed at the Air Force of the South Korean Republic, the Indonesian Air Force and export. The first flight is planned for 2022.

Hroux-Devtek Spain (HDS) is responsible for the development and manufacture of the Arrestor Hook emergency braking system, in which it is involved from the first phase of design and which supports the definition of safety requirements and reliability.

When the brake rod cable is hooked, the emergency braking system must stop the aircraft that took off at 350 km / h and brake at less than 365 meters of the runway.

This system consists of four teams:

Shaft: Structural rod with mooring line on the level and self-centering system. Shock absorber: Complex fluid mechanical equipment with dual functions, actuator and shock absorber. Uplock: The unlocking hook with which the free end of the shaft can be released by electrical or manual command. Selector valve: valve that connects the system damper to the supply pressure line when electrically activated. When the valve is deactivated, the system is connected to the return line of the aircraft hydraulic system.

The company is thus expanding its experience in this field, which is reflected in the implementation of:

Support with the definition of requirements for the integration of a first-order system in an aircraft. Simulation capacity at system level and its integration in the aircraft to determine the dynamic behavior and the induced loads.

With this system, Hroux-Devtek can further expand the contracts it has acquired and strengthen relationships with its customers on an international level. It strengthens the company’s ability to develop complex systems, to recognize capabilities at the aircraft integration level and to the experience already gained in other ATA systems in the Eurofighter, ATLANTE (UAV), HRKUS (turboprop trainer) and T programs to complete. 625 (dual-use civil-military helicopter).

Currently, Hroux-Devtek has already started delivering the first equipment for the first flight test aircraft, customer tests and is in the process of completing the qualification units that will be used to cover the qualification program.

Photo: 5th generation KF-X fighter.

Hydraulic tank

Arrestor hook


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