Hensoldt will integrate a new radar target generator in COBRA-Gegenbatterie-Radar-Noticias

The COBRA radar (for COunter Battery RAdar) is a radar that detects enemy artillery fire and predicts the flight patterns of enemy projectiles in order to activate the necessary warnings. It was developed by AuroArt, comprised of Thales, Airbus Defense and Space (now managed by Hensoldt) and Lockheed Martin, which is on duty with the armed forces of Germany, France and the UK. There are currently more than 40 systems in various configurations.

The COBRA counter-battery radars used by Germany, France and the UK are undergoing a modernization process as part of the European Joint Organization for Arms Cooperation (OCCAR). The process involves replacing one of its main elements, such as B. the Radar Target Generator (RTG), which is supplied by Hensoldt.

The RTG is designed to generate primary radar returns and can be positioned in the far field of the radar to simulate target trails. RTG is the key element for testing and verifying COBRA radar performance with reproducible target traces. The new RTG takes into account changing operational requirements of the user nations, such as B. long-term deployments at stationary locations, simultaneous operation of several systems and monitoring missions around the clock.

It uses a truck-mounted electronic scanning radar to locate mortars, rocket launchers, and artillery batteries and provide information to counter their effectiveness. It has a detection range of 100 kilometers and can locate and classify up to 40 batteries in 2 minutes. When used in peacekeeping operations, it can be used to monitor ceasefire violations. (Jos M Navarro Garca)


One of the COBRA counter battery radars (HENSOLDT)


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