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GMV-Technologie took part in the GEODE launch meeting on February 8th. GEODE (GalilEO for EU Defense) is a crucial and crucial step in the development of Galileo’s Regulated Public Service (PRS) military user segment and one of the most ambitious defense cooperation projects launched under the umbrella of the European Industrial Defense Development Program ( EDIDP) of the European Commission. GEODE is co-financed by Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and Spain and supported by the EU with a grant of around 44 million euros.

The GEODE project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the EU industry in the highly strategic area of ​​positioning, navigation, timing and synchronization (PNT) for defense purposes and to give the EU armed forces the opportunity to use the regulated public service (PRS) of the Galileo system. The project is carried out by a consortium of 30 companies from 14 EU countries, which includes GMV as part of the Spanish contribution.

The Spanish industrial team, consisting of GMV, Indra and Tecnobit, assumes responsibility for the complete development of the solution for military marine platforms (GNSS / PRS receiver with security module and CRPA antenna) in the project. GMV is responsible for the integration of the GNSS / PRS receiver system and in particular for the development of all signal processing, navigation and synchronization functions of the receiver.

GEODE will provide EU industry with the tools to participate on an equal footing in the PNT defense market at a time when the essential nature of GPS for military applications gives US industry supremacy. Strengthening the EU’s military capacity and autonomy and maximizing the benefits of the Galileo program by promoting the adoption of its vital PRS service.

After an initial phase of specification and standardization, the project will prototype, test and validate all elements of a complete PRS solution: PRS security modules, PRS receivers, antennas with controlled radiation patterns compatible with Galileo PRS and GPS, as well as a common and standardized test environment. A PRS solution for space applications will also be designed and prototyped. In addition, a PRS infrastructure is being developed to ensure the availability of the security resources required for operational tests.

Field tests for military operations are organized on land and sea defense platforms, RPAS, and a time and synchronization system.

GEODE strengthens the competitiveness of EU industry in the highly strategic areas of military positioning, timing and synchronization and promotes equipping the armed forces of EU member states with Galileo’s PRS capability, which is essential to strengthen their interoperability and autonomy . Facilitating access to complex security-certified technologies and affordability by standardizing and creating the required critical mass.

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