Get a person’s real IP through a telegram call.

It is known to all that over the past few weeks and following the announcement of the new WhatsApp guidelines, users have made a great decision to pack their bags and look for less aggressive instant messaging options and better privacy policies.

We leave you the link to the Cyber ​​Hunter Academy article where you can see the whole process (POC).

The number of downloads and the creation of new accounts in Signal and Telegram have increased significantly to find the panacea of ​​security in these applications.

Remember, Signal uses state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption to keep chats and calls secure. Regarding Telegram, it also states that end-to-end encryption is used in messages, media and secret chat files, as well as in the content of calls, which are processed only on the user’s device and that of the recipient.

And here we want to get there, and hence the title of this article: It is possible to get a person’s actual IP through a telegram call (or that of the VPN / proxy they are using).

Telegram uses a protocol called Stun when making calls. With this protocol, NAT clients can find your public IP address.

If we want to find out the other person’s IP, just start Wireshark and give our victim a call. By the time you answer this call, in just 5 or 10 seconds we’ll have enough packets to locate this data.

Filtering for stun shows us all packets, with a little patience and filtering with stun or stun.att.username or stun.att.ipv4-xord or stun.att.ipv4 we only have to discard the private IPs, our own IP and those that belong to Telegram itself.

After all of this, we should have an ips or two left to match our victim’s.

How can we protect ourselves?

First of all, we always have to remember that nothing is as safe as they sell us. Also, we can configure Telegram not to call us so that we can use the calls of all life. The VPN is also a great way to hide our real IP from third parties and most importantly, never talk to strangers (neither accept their candy nor their links).

We thank Vctor Espinoza from Telegram Messenger for sending us a clarification on this post:

In order to protect the privacy of our users, the peer-to-peer option in Telegram calls is only enabled for My Contacts by default. Users can apply further restrictions on this by going to Telegram Settings> Privacy & Security> Calls.

Source: Julio San Jos (Network Act)

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