First steps of the future Limited Diffusion Battalion in the Guzmán el Bueno X Brigade of the Army-Noticias

What was originally planned as a telecommunications conference? more of which the brigade? Guzman el Bueno? X programs on a monthly basis to maintain the level of training of CIS personnel ultimately assumed the commissioning of new equipment that will make up the future Limited Diffusion Battalion.

The aim of the BRI X was to consolidate the use of supermux, voice and data networks at company level, the commissioning of a chat IDT client in the PR4G radio and the installation of BMS Windows 10 in Leopardo battle tanks for use as a supermux.

The results of these sessions were very satisfactory, met all of the goals set and achieved a double mono relay for voice and data (BMS). This enables voice and data communication between two PR4G stations with two intermediate relays, each relay being a single PR4G Supermux radio. Voice and data encryption modules (Secure Communications Unit (UCS) and encryptors for GESCOM (CIFPECOM) for PCBON and subordinate stations were also tested.

During these days, which took place from March 2nd to 12th at the Cerro Muriano Base, JCISAT employees took part in the first week and the Spanish Radio Frequency Company (RFE) as well as representatives from FUTER and MALE took part in the second week.

Text and photos: Army.

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