First solar panel system in Argentina to supply a military unit-Noticias

The Argentine Defense Minister Agustn Rossi inaugurated the first solar panel system in the country, which is in a military unit, in San Juan. In the dependencies of the Mountain Infantry Regiment 22, which are dependent on the Argentine Army, 30 panels have been installed that make it possible to strengthen the environment and the resources of the nation-state by reducing electricity consumption by between 30% and 40%. In this way, RIM 22 becomes the first military unit in the country to receive part of its energy supply from renewable energies.

“The idea of ​​supplying the units with cheaper and more environmentally friendly energy was turned into reality by the challenge: Today the RIM 22 is the first military unit in the country to be powered by solar panels,” said the owner of the portfolio, Agustn Rossi. The tasks were carried out by the Argentine Army with the advice of the Energa Provincial Sociedad del Estado. This initiative was a proposal by the minister to the army chief, General Agustn Cejas, to reduce costs and contribute to the use of renewable energies to preserve the environment. This project is in line with the environmental policy implemented by the force, which focuses on sustainable development and efficiency in the use of natural resources.

This device reduces power consumption, generates clean energy for the device and feeds the surplus into the grid. The collectors convert solar radiation directly from photovoltaic solar modules into electrical energy so that it can be used in real time. (Luis Pieiro)

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