First flight of the Airbus C295 number 200 in Seville

Since its first flight on November 28, 1997, the Airbus Defense & Space (DS) C295 tactical transport has led its category, as demonstrated by the departure of its production line in San Pablo (Seville) at the end of March 2021. and its subsequent maiden flight of the 200th serial unit.

In particular, this device is a device intended by the Royal Canadian Air Force or the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and which bears the military registration 508 after delivery, although it has the Spanish name during its test and acceptance flights uses EC200., which gives its building number.

The C295 was designed in the nineties of the last century by the then Spanish company Construcciones Aeronuticas Sociedad Annima CASA as an evolution of major capabilities of the previous CASA-Nurtanio CN235 to follow the success of its mythical predecessor C-212, according to Public that is just turned 50 years old.

In 2000, the CASA, controlled by the Spanish government, was integrated into the European aviation group EADS, with which the device was advertised as EADS CASA C295 at the beginning of its marketing. In fact, in 2001 the first order of 9 aircraft was delivered to the Spanish Air Force, which years later, due to the good experience that the Spanish practice would become a trend, since up to a dozen more 4 purchased by users have placed a second order.

The key to success in these 20 years is that the C295 can perform a wide variety of missions: tactical and logistical transportation, parachute and cargo drops, special operations, medical evacuation, etc. High reliability and relatively low operating costs. In addition, EADS, which later assigned commercialization of the product to its new military division, Airbus DS, developed a version of Maritime Patrol or Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) called the C295 Persuader.

The designation C295 is the combination of the C from CASA with the 2, which indicates the number of engines, while the 95 comes from the payload, which is close to 9.5 tons.

Since entering the tough international market, in which there are competitors such as the Leonardo C27J Spartan, the C295 has been the best-selling, as a total of 215 units have been ordered by 33 different operators so far. The majority were military. The only official sale to a civil operator is to the Canadian company Stellwagen, which ordered a dozen units in 2017. (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: Image of the C295 number 200 leaving the San Pablo (Seville) production line (Airbus DS photo)

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