Egypt receives three Lürssen patrol boats, which were originally intended for Saudi Arabia-Noticias

This week, the delivery of the patrol boats built at the German shipyard Peene shipyard in Lrssen to Egypt began. All three were loaded onto the Dutch semi-submersible ship “Rolldock Sun”. These are two 40-meter-long patrol boats of the OPB 40 class and a 60-meter-long coastal defense ship CPV 60. They were originally built for Saudi Arabia, but could not be delivered due to the arms embargo imposed by the German government in 2018. Last year, Germany promised to deliver a total of nine patrol boats and one coastal defense boat worth around 130 million euros to Egypt.

Saudi Arabia had ordered 35 patrol boats from the German Lrssen shipyard, when the export suspension was imposed, it had received 15, but 7 more had been produced. These and two others are eventually exported to Egypt.

The OPB 40 are patrol boats with a maximum length of 40 meters and a displacement of 210 tons, which are characterized by a good capacity for border protection, surveillance, protection of critical infrastructure, protection of fisheries and rapid response. They are equipped with a search radar, navigation radar and an electro-optical sensor. They are armed with a 20mm cannon. and two 12.7 mm caliber machine guns.

The coastal defense ship is a CPV 60 with a displacement of 700 tons and a length of 60 meters and a crew of 47. The ship is equipped with a search radar, a tracking radar and an electro-optical sensor and armed with a 30 or 20 mm cannon. (Mohammed Halimi, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in North Africa)

Photo: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia patrol boats before being re-exported to Egypt. The photo was taken in the Peene of the Lrssen Shipbuilding Group (Sefan Sauer / dpa / archive).

Loading of the three boats onto the Dutch semi-submersible ship Rolldock (Sefan Sauer / dpa / archive)

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