During a serious incident, the Airbus A319 hits lights and an antenna when landing

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The fuselage of an Airbus A319 was damaged in a serious incident on its approach when the jet hit lights and an ILS (Instrument Landing Aid System) antenna.

A319 from Shenzhen – Image: byeangel / CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

According to The Aviation Herald, it was the Airbus A319, registered under registration B-8667, operated by the Chinese airline Shenzhen Airlines when it flew flight number ZH-9247 from Xian to Panzhihua, both in China, Friday, October, 16th.

The plane appeared to have landed uneventfully in Panzhihua as it rolled to the courtyard, where passengers disembarked normally. However, a post-flight inspection revealed flat tires and damage to the fuselage.

On the day, comments from professional aviation groups in China indicated that the airport had carried out an inspection after landing and found 6 approach lights and a damaged approach antenna.

Even so, the airport press office told local newspapers that no damage had been reported to any of the airport’s equipment, which was still functioning normally.

Proximity antenna set – Image: John M. Wheatley / CC BY-SA 2.0

However, the reality did not match what was said. Subsequent flights have been canceled or rerouted due to weather conditions at the airport, which is located on a mountain and constantly covered by low clouds.

Panzhihua Airport – Image: Oliver22233 / Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Following the inconsistent statements, new information appeared in the Chinese media the following day, Saturday, October 17, indicating that the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority had opened an investigation into the incident that closed runway 20/02 in Panzhihua .

The aircraft actually hit 6 approach lights and the tracking antenna and practically touched the ground at the runway head, well before the standard touch point.

According to FlightRadar24, the plane didn’t fly until this article was published on Sunday.

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