Defense is investing more than 13 million euros in satellite communications, half of it to improve it in the areas of Operations-Noticias

Military communication via satellite in the field of operations is key. The Spanish Hisdesat Servicios Estratógicos has received two major contracts from the General Subdirectorate of Armament and Material of the Spanish Ministry of Defense for the provision of communication capabilities via satellite for more than 13 million euros.

The contract for the provision of additional capacities for satellite communication in the operational area in 2020 is worth 5.4 million euros. In contrast, the range of satellite communication capacities for 2020 amounts to 7.8 million euros. Both contracts were managed through negotiated procedures with no publication of normal processing, where Hisdesat was seen as the only company technically qualified to develop the project.

Hisdesat has an innovative generation of satellites that provide greater flexibility and security for satellite communications in the military X and Ka bands. This government communications system is based on two operational satellites that provide communications coverage over two thirds of the earth. In particular after the launch of SpainSat in 2006, the second satellite in the Spanish government’s communications program (SpainSat and XTAR-EUR), Hisdesat has consolidated its range of secure communications at home and abroad. The new digital technologies, together with the robustness of the secure communication network of the satellite fleet SPAINSAT and XTAR-EUR, enable the connectivity of more than 3,200 soldiers and seafarers stationed on the ground.

We would like to remind that in September last year, Hisdesat, together with Telefnica through a Temporary Union of Companies (UTE), obtained a solution for the supply of equipment, installation, secure configuration and provision of communication and multimedia services to personnel in operational areas has fourteen months with an extension of two years. This contract aims to improve the living conditions of Spanish military personnel deployed abroad and to increase security and protection against cyber attacks. In October, Hisdesat also received the Ku-band satellite communications system from the Ministry of Defense for the Predator B unmanned aircraft (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photography: The company has two satellites for government communications (Hisdesat)

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