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The main current priorities of the Air Force include the modernization of its command and control system, the acquisition of the Falcón Eurofighters, the A330 MRTT strategic tank transporters, sea patrol aircraft, an advanced trainer, etc. This list was compiled by Air General Javier Salto Martínez- Avial, Chief of Staff of the Air Force (JEMA), presented during his conference, “The Air Force, an Aerospace Force for the 21st Century” at the General Gutiérrez Mellado University Institute, yesterday, February 9th.

In its presentation, JEMA looked at the present with a brief look at the 12 long years in which the institution suffered from funding, and especially the future of the Air Force’s design in the second half of this century.

Although the exposed agenda, perfectly subdivided, has given many keys and shown optimism: “We are on the right track to have a good bet”, regarding the agreements between the government and Spanish industry in this sector (below the management of Airbus Defense & Space (DS)). Then, after highlighting a number of companies specializing in aerospace, JEMA re-emphasized that they represent 80% of the defense sector in Spain.

General Salto confirmed the first priority to modernize the command and control system, which is the main task of the Air Force. He went on to list facilities improvement. and the start of the “Halcón” program, which aims to replace the experienced F / A-18 fighter-bombers that provide air defense in the Canary Islands with a new batch of the latest generation of Eurofighters.

He also explained the need to integrate the Airbus DS A330 Multi-Roll Tanker Transport (MRTT), which the facility will use to strengthen its in-air refueling and strategic transport capacity. Previously, he stated that with these MRTTs, which will use A330s previously operated by Iberia as platforms that will be converted to their military variant in Getafe, Madrid, not only will the institution’s capabilities be improved and restored, but that too Set of the Spanish armed forces, particularly in the context of international operations.

Finally, I mention the need to fit in Maritime Patrol Equipment or Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and purchase an advanced air trainer to replace veterans of the Northrop / CASA F-5M from the School of Hunting and Attack. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: The Eurofighters of the future “Halcón” program have to renew the air defense system of the Canary Islands. (Photo Julio Maíz / ).

General Salto Martínez-Avial during the presentation. (Photo Julio Maíz / ).

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