China donates a mobile hospital with 13 vehicles to the Argentine Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense, headed by Agustn Rossi, reports that the mobile hospital donated by the Ministry of Defense of the People’s Republic of China has arrived at the Campo de Mayo military garrison as part of the cooperative relations between the two countries. The handover was announced at the meeting Minister Rossi held on January 18 with the Ambassador of the Xi Jinping Government to Argentina, Zou Xiaoli.

We are very grateful for this donation which includes 13 components and their respective vehicles (trucks) for the transfer, which makes it easier to use this mobile hospital in the different places where it may be needed, the national official said, specifying it from As a result of this incorporation, the Argentine Armed Forces have three mobile hospitals – one for the Air Force and one for the Army – which are required for all military personnel health activities when necessary.

This mobile health center (brand KANGFEI model BLAT30EX14V) is operated in orbit of the Ministry of Defense and operated by the health department of the Argentine Army with advice from the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces.

Because of its dimensions and features, it can be very useful in the face of natural disasters and / or situations like the one the country is currently going through with the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

Each of the 13 trucks correspond to different areas of the important hospital on wheels, namely:

– Company vehicle

– Vehicle first aid

– Vehicle diagnosis by X-rays

– Vehicle biochemical laboratory

-Vehicle sterilization service

-Vehicle power supply

-Vehicle water supply

-Kitchen vehicle

-Washing vehicle

– Oxygen generating vehicle

-Shower truck

-Baos vehicle

– Vehicle support tents

Also included in this donation, which arrived at the Zrate terminal, four tents for the patient room, 90 portable VHF radios and 15 VHF backpack radios. All devices are currently being installed.

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