Brazilian pilots carry out their first training mission in a Gripen of the Swedish Air Force

Four Brazilian Air Force (FAB) officers completed their first training mission aboard a JAS-39D Gripen, owned by the Swedish Air Force and attached to the wing’s F-7 squadron. This action, which took place in Stens, Sweden, in the first week of March, aimed to train aviation officers to be involved in the implementation of the aircraft in Brazil.

The pilots of the First Air Defense Group (1st GDA) – Jaguar Squadron – are part of the team named by the Preparedness Command (COMPREP) to conduct the first operational course of the Brazilian Air Force’s new combat vector.

The first phase of the course, known as conversion training, is designed to check the pilot’s physiological condition based on specific assessments of survival at sea and resistance to the high load factor G (gravity). In addition, the Brazilian crew members take part in courses and, in addition to standardization procedures, carry out theoretical tests for the entire technical part of the aircraft. The pilots also conduct missions with Swedish instructors who focus on the operation of the aircraft. Ground flights are aimed at getting the crew used to the properties of the vector. They perform stunts, simulated emergencies, instrument flight, navigation and management of the various systems on board.

Wing 2 commander, Colonel Aviador Gustavo Pestana Garc, comments on the start of the training flights. “In this phase, the pilots can learn about the capabilities and potential of the Gripen system, which will maintain the sovereignty of the Brazilian airspace in the near future.”

While the FAB pilots are training in Sweden, Wing 2 is preparing to receive the first F-39 Gripen aircraft as well as simulators and aids this year in Anpolis (Gois). Recently, the COMPREP GT-FOX, a group of military personnel selected to provide advice on the aircraft’s operational activities, visited the facilities of the military organization. (Javier Bonilla)

Photo: The pilots of the Brazilian Air Force completed their first training mission aboard a JAS-39D Gripen.

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