April 30th deadline for 30mm remote tower manufacturers. for the army kite

Last week, Tess Defense sent the candidates to deliver the 30mm remote work towers. for the Wheeled Combat Vehicle (VCR) 8×8 Dragon) the price request or request for quotation, as the procedure is known.

Under this type of procedure, the three candidates fighting to supply the 219 towers that are to be incorporated into as many Infantry Combat Vehicles (VCI) as possible must respond with their technical and commercial proposals by April 30th at the latest, so that Tess Defense is worth it puts each of them.

The three companies are Navantia, affiliated with Elbit Systems and Expal with Tizona, Pap Tecnos, the Spanish subsidiary of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which is showcasing its Toledo 30S Tower, and Escribano Mechanical & Engineering with Guardian 30. Escribano Mechanical & Engineering is exactly one Part of Tess Defense together with General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Barbara Sistemas, Indra and Sapa.

As part of the request for quotation process, competitors will be asked to provide information on the technical specifications of their proposals so that they can be assessed and compared, prices, integrated logistical support, and aspects of the industrial plan of the program, delivery schedule or technology transfer.

If we take into account the technical characteristics that were taken into account in the selection of the turrets, assessed during the phase of reducing the technological risk of the 8×8 demonstrators, the request contains measurable technical aspects ranging from the weights, dimensions and performance of the various weapons Systems, integration of the spike missile, elevation or depression angle, speed of rotation, precision at different distances, stabilization or power consumption, to name just a few, in addition to the usual detection, detection and identification distances of targets according to NATO regulations on measurement the performance of electro-optical systems.

Likewise, the industrial plan takes into account various aspects such as the national content of the proposal, the percentage of nationalization, the technological risk, the maturity of the system, the delivery schedule, the already mentioned integrated logistical support or ILS or export restrictions.

The three companies must send the requested information to Tess Defense and the Defense Department’s General Directorate of Armaments and Materials (DGAM). Once it has the requested information, Tess Defense will evaluate the technical and commercial proposals in May and send an ordered list to DGAM.

Shooting attempts at the end of May

After this process, a test shot is to be carried out with the towers at the end of May. Just as the evaluations of the Tizona and Toledo 30S towers were carried out in the D1 and D2 demonstrators last July, the Escribano Guardian 30 tower can be predictably built into the D4 demonstrator, which previously used the hiftist manned tower 30 carried by Leonardo Hispania. The turrets were then assessed, including the launch of Spike LR anti-tank missiles and Airbust or ABM-type ammunition from the 30mm Mk44 cannon, both of which were considered essential by the Army. Guardian 30 was discussed exclusively in the January issue of Defense magazine and focused on the Army’s VCR 8×8 Dragon program. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Protesters D1 and D2 during the centenary of La Legin (Spanish Army)

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