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The European Tactical Aviation Training Course (ETAP-C21-1), coordinated and directed by the European Tactical Aviation Center (ETAC), will take place at the Lanzarote military airfield from March 13th.

The ETAC (European Tactical Airlift Center) relies again on the Spanish Air Force for the coordination, which has many years of experience in this field, since 2017 the training program of the European air transport fleet or the EATF (European Air Transport Fleet). The training program consolidated its headquarters at the Zaragoza Air Force Base. In addition, the Aragonese macro plant is the permanent headquarters of the aforementioned ETAC, which organizes several courses every year, mainly in Zaragoza and the surrounding area.

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only the so-called ETAP-C20-1 could be organized in the above-mentioned Spanish base, and this year they want to restart the activity using a scenario like the Canary Islands, where the past In October the Air Force successfully organized the macro exercise Ocean Sky 2020.

The course will bring together tactical transport aircraft from various European NATO countries between March 13th and 26th, for which almost one hundred and a half skilled workers will be deployed in the Canarian facility, including crew members, mechanics, instructors and support staff, as well as coordination According to our correspondent in the Canary Islands , Antonio Rodriguez Santana.

Although not all participants are known yet, the participation of planes and teams of the air forces of Italy, Germany and Denmark as well as the Spanish hosts has already been confirmed. The European A400M transports, which are provided by the German Air Force and the Air Force, and the C-130J Sper Hercules, which are used by both the Danish Flyvevbnet and the Italian Aeronautica Militare (AMI), meet on Lanzarote.

The main goal is to provide high quality training to the transport crews, emphasizes the Air Force, and emphasizes that humanitarian aid missions are simulated in island environments. (Antonio Rodriguez Santana and Julio Maz)

Photo: The hosts of the Air Force will use their A400M (pictured here, one taking off from Gando) from the 31st wing in the Canary Islands. (Photo Julio Maz)

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