All pink planes are brought together in azul action, see pictures

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Celebrating its 10th anniversary since adopting the October Pink Campaign as a top social concern, Azul sponsored another special last Wednesday October 14 that saw all the planes in its fleet painted pink.

Pink Cessna, ATR, Embraer and Airbus are reunited

This year the company is celebrating under the motto “Who cares, flies on?” To help hundreds of women who are undergoing treatment and devoting themselves to the topic. As part of this mission, it carried out the “Pink Experience” in the hangar of Viracopos Airport, your “home” in the city of Campinas (SP).

The meeting included the special christening of the Cessna C208 with the name “Lady Azul”, registration number PT-MED, which this year was painted in pink especially for the campaign. Also part of the event was the PR-YRS registration’s pink A320neo, which has long had the color and was affixed to mark those 10 years of Azul’s support for the cause.

The christening of the pink Cessna caravan from Azul The pilots of the Cessna caravan from Azul The pink Airbus A320neo with the sticker of the 10 years of the campaign

At the end of the party, they were still standing side by side with the two aircraft mentioned above, the ATR 72-600 with PR-AKF registration and the Embraer E195-E2 with PS-AEA registration, aircraft that do the same wearing pink color, the message of awareness and support for all parts of the country.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Azul had to postpone the delivery of aircraft, so that another jet in pink, the large A330neo, is still in the Airbus plant in Europe.

The ATR 72-600 in pink The Embraer E195-E2 pink

During the action in Viracopos, the main message from Azul and the Victorians present (employees of the company who have faced breast cancer) is that all women must self-examine their breasts and seek professional help to prevent themselves from any minimal suspicion revealed by the screening . If discovered early, the chances of recovery reach 95%.

In addition to prevention, Victorious also emphasized that any woman who finds out she must face breast cancer must remember that there is hope because they themselves, the Victorious, had no reason to discover anything, but they overcame and are here to get the message across. of support and hope.

John Rodgerson, CEO of Azul, with Victorious Victorious bringing his message of awareness and hope

Azul also stressed that aircraft painted in pink not only raise awareness of those flying on board, but also the awareness of anyone else who, while flying in plain-colored aircraft, thinks they would have liked to have flown in the campaign specials and spread the word even more the message of October Rose.

Below you can see more pictures of this special promotion advertised by the company in Viracopos.

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