Advanced technology for manual assembly of medium and heavy machine guns

Medium and heavy machine guns remain a weapon system that remains fully valid on the modern battlefield. As part of the RWS (Remote Weapon Station) towers on land or in marine vessels, they are becoming more numerous and remain extremely useful even with manual rigs.

However, these contain state-of-the-art features adapted for precise applications such as rotary wing aircraft. There are updated models for 5.56, 7.26 and 12.70 mm machine guns. It is worth noting the validity of the experienced M2 machine gun of 12.70 mm. or its current development, the M3M from the Belgian manufacturer FNH. This company has presented exactly two innovations in this regard, which coincide with its presence at the IDEX trade fair, which will take place in Abu Dhabi between 21 and 25 this month.

Primarily in FN M3M WM (for weapon holder or weapon holder) it is a question of a holder that is designed for operation with the above-mentioned M3M and uses the high rate of fire of up to 1,100 rounds per minute with maximum precision. It has manual operation with no electrical or electronic elements. It has a special setting called the Mk16 MOD 8 for operation with the M3M from aircraft in the US, where it is referred to as the GAU-21. It has a recoil absorption system that prevents them from being transmitted to the platform on which the shaft is mounted. It has a box for 300 rounds. It can be configured for right or left handers and offers high vertical angles (60 degrees upwards and -20 degrees downwards), has three standardized Picatinny rails for optical elements and can be fitted with a ballistic shield in accordance with STANAG regulations Level 4 to be equipped.

For in-house machine guns of caliber 5.56 and 7.62 such as the FN Minimi (Mk3 or Mk3 in both calibers) or the MAG (in the 58M or M240D / H / L versions), the Belgian company has developed the FN Light MWM (for Multi) or weapon holder Multi-weapon mount). It is a manual cart with a standardized NATO type G3 interface, a recoil absorption system with a height of 50 degrees and a recess of 60 degrees and a weight of only 8.5 kg, which can accommodate a cartridge collection system. a depression angle limiter to avoid interfering with the aircraft in which an ammunition delivery system is mounted; and various specific interfaces for other weapons. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: An M3M of a German CH-53 (Bundeswehr)

The FN M3M WM share (FNH)

The FN Light MWM (FNH)

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