A new turbo jet for the Spice air-to-ground ammunition -news

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has introduced a new variant of its Spice 250 air-to-ground ammunition, to which an integrated turbojet has been added.

It is a self-contained air-to-ground weapon system designed to attack targets autonomously and precisely. It can operate independently of GPS navigations and rely on its own artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, which are supported by autonomous electro-optical sensors and operated by the stage management system.

Its presentation was made during the Aero India 2021 exhibition. The new variant called Spice 250 ER (Extended Range) extends the possibilities for the little ones in the family. Its range includes the Spice 250, Spice 1000 and Spice 2000 guidance kits. Integrate a miniature turbojet engine powered by an internal JP-8/10 fuel system, giving the weapon a range of at least 150 km. Using the same mission planning system, aircraft interfaces and crew operations are used for operations. It also uses a common aircraft interface as well as a sophisticated Smart Quad Rack (SQR) to simplify the hassle of integrating with aircraft. There are four Spice 250 weapons included in each SQR. Thanks to their small size and low weight, these weapon systems can also be mounted directly on transport stations for light attack aircraft.

It maintains its external shape, which is identical to the planing variant, using all the SQR and existing interfaces in the aircraft, allowing the same load. The extended range variant offers the same functions as the classic gliding variant, including ATR (Automatic Target Recognition) or automatic target recognition, ATA (Automatic Target Acquisition), automatic target search modes and target recognition. Mobile.

The recently introduced ATR feature is a major technological advancement that enables the SPICE 250 ER to effectively learn the specific characteristics of the target prior to attack using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. According to the manufacturer, this new feature will soon be offered to customers and users of the classic model, a battle-tested system with excellent results. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo (Rafael): This new SPICE 250 ER model has a miniature turbojet engine that offers greater range.

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