A NATO fleet led by Spain arrives at Israel-Noticias

Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2), currently under the command of Spanish Rear Admiral Manuel Aguirre, arrived at the Israeli port of Haifa, the main naval base of the Armed Forces of Defense of Israel, on February 12 .

We are facing an important scale of the first activation of SNMG2 in 2021, which began on the Spanish level with the withdrawal of the frigate “Cristóbal Colón”. (F-105) from its base port, Arsenal de Ferrol (La Coruña), to rejoin as a command ship after the end of a rest period that began on December 18 and was used for personnel rotation and maintenance work on the ship. Since last June, until next July 1st, Spain has command of the group that reports to Rear Admiral Manuel Aguirre Aldereguía, with his general staff initially in the frigate? Álvaro de Bazán ?? (F-101) and on board the F-105 since November 14th.

The Spanish frigate joined the SNMG-2 on January 20 after completing an exercise with Spanish naval forces in the Gulf of Cádiz. In addition to the Spanish ship, the frigates “Kountouriotis” are currently integrated into the allied group. (F-462) (Greek), the Italian ?? Virginio Pheasant ?? (F-591). The pictures of the Spanish ship can be seen entering the main naval facilities of the Israel Defense Force or the Israel Defense Force (IDF). (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: The frigate F-105 enters the port of Haifa. (Photo SNMG2)

The Greek frigate ?? Kountouriotis ?? Entry into Haifa with the help of Israeli smugglers. (Photo SNMG2)

From the F-105 frigate, you can see the Haifa docks, where you can see two corvettes and an IDF patrol boat. (Photo SNMG2)

The frigates F-105 and F-462 docked at the Haifa docks. (Photo SNMG2)

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